About Us

Redstone Pasta

At Redstone, we have always been a chef-driven, local-food focused group with an emphasis on the dining experience.

 Service is relaxed and welcoming, making customers feel at home. That feeling you get after eating your favorite home-cooked meal from your grandma is the feeling that will complete the dining experience for each of our guests. Not many places have the ability to evoke such deep rooted feelings from their dining customers.

This unique ability drives home the idea that restaurants have never been about caloric sustenance. Restaurants have been about gathering and community and creating a sense of occasion. A place where relationships form and memories are made. An experience that you’ll want to share over and over again.

We source local

Our menu is inspired by local ingredients reimagined that appeal to a diverse clientele.

We conduct our own local 10 acre organic growing program that sources 60-80% of our produce during the growing months here in New England.

We also donate any excess produce to local non-profits in need.

Our Team

What our employees say
I really like working here because it’s a really fun job but it’s a challenging job and I like challenges especially now that I’ve moved up to back waiter. Back waiting is a hard thing to do. You have to make sure you have control of the plates and not drop them and remember the table and everything. I also really like working here because of the amazing staff we have. Everyone gets along with everyone and they make you feel like you’re family when you're working there. Like I would probably say nothing at any other job could beat the staff that works here. My experience here I feel like has been really good. From when I walked in on the first day I already felt welcomed and now I’ve been working for almost 2 and a half months and I have a really good connection with a lot of the people that work here. My experience ever since working has been great. I don't think I’ve ever had a bad experience here.
~Camden, Backwaiter
I like the consistency within the whole establishment. I like knowing that when I come all expectations are the same and the way the business is run is very consistent. I know what I can expect everyday. I also very much enjoy being able to ask a question and address my concerns and have a real conversation and effort to resolve it. I also enjoy coming into work everyday because I know everyone is overall happy there. I can't think of anyone ever coming off as miserable and "hating" their job. Overall everyone seems happy and everyone get along so well it's not like any other restaurant I've worked at with this many employees. You guys really do an excellent job choosing your staff. I've overall very much have enjoyed my job. I'm happy to be there and I love all of our staff and guests that walk in the door. I love being able to be myself and just being accepted as easily as I was. It does offer a true feeling of belonging. Like I've said before... I'm an odd duck lol.
~Brenda, Bartender
I enjoy working at Redstone because after not working for a couple of years gave me the opportunity to jump right back into working and made me feel comfortable being away from my daughter. The flexibility in schedule that works for me and my family. I enjoy the hardworking and genuine people I work with.
~Hailey, Server
I like working where I feel appreciated and like part of the family. The atmosphere is beyond inviting and as long as your willing to put effort in the rewards are great. The fact that you can go to any of the owners or managers to talk is something you do not find at a lot of places these days. I also like the fact that I work somewhere were the managers care not only about staff but about how everything should be.
~Becca, Server